40mm Fuzes and SAD

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For over 20 years DIXI Microtechniques develops fuzes and mechanical safety and arming devices for 40 mm grenades.

The last 10 years the company has delivered more than one million of 400 mm LV infantry grenade base fuzes to one of the leading manufacturers of grenades in the world.

Our expertise covers both design and manufacture of mechanical impact fuzes, high and low velocity, as well as safety and arming devices, with or without self-destruct function.

DIXI Microtechniques supplies its own devices or designs new concepts in accordance with specific constraints.

DIXI Microtechniques is a member of GICAT http://www.gicat.com/
DIXI Medical is a member of the Microtechniques cluster of competitiveness http://www.polemicrotechniques.fr/ and member of the Aeromicrotech cluster http://www.aeromicrotech.com/.