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Artillery Fuzes

Well-known expert for its mechanical time mechanisms, the company also produces sophisticated impact fuzes for all types of calibers and munitions.

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Mortar and tank Fuzes

We can propose you impact fuzes, time fuzes, MTSQ fuzes and specific products such as graze impact functioning fuzes for explosive tank ammunition.

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40mm fuzes and SAD

For over 20 years DIXI Microtechniques develops fuzes and mechanical safety and arming devices for 40 mm grenades.

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Medium caliber mechanical fuzes

For many years DIXI Microtechniques has manufactured medium caliber self-destruct mechanical fuzes.

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Bomb mechanical fuzes

In the field of design and manufacturing of firing devices for land ammunition, DIXI Microtechniques' expertise was also requested for the production of bomb mechanical fuzes.

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Safety and arming devices

The SAD is used to protect people and equipments during storage, handling, transport and early trajectory of explosive ammunition.

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Missile safety devices

DIXI Microtechniques proficiency in the field of micromechanics adapted to the constraints and environments of munitions led the company to collaborate in many missile and fuze production programs.

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Additional safety devices

Competences in the field of micromechanics adapted to constraints and environments of ammunition allow DIXI Microtechniques to carry out the development of mechanical safety devices with or without chronometric function, for all types of munitions or systems, in accordance to your technical specifications.

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