Safety and arming devices

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Major manufacturer in the production of SAD, DIXI Microtechniques has delivered millions of safety and arming devices in the past 20 years.

The SAD is used to protect people and equipments during storage, handling, transport and early trajectory of explosive ammunition.

DIXI Microtechniques offers a range of safety devices suitable for all calibers, depending on market assessment and military standards requirements.

On artillery ammunition SAD is initiated by the acceleration and rotation speed.  The safety distance is ensured by a timing mechanism.  For non spinning projectiles DIXI Microtechniques has created an innovative design complying with standards.

We produce our own devices or design concepts according to specific characteristics of customers' products.
DIXI Microtechniques is a member of GICAT
DIXI Medical is a member of the Microtechniques cluster of competitiveness and member of the Aeromicrotech cluster